Orthotics For Adults.

Need Orthotics! You Deserve the Best. Foot Street Podiatry provides Medical Grade Orthotics from Australia’s leading orthotic laboratories. We also stock a full range of quality AFO orthotic boots or “Moon Boots”.

Foot Street Podiatry, have selected the most technically advanced Laboratories in Australia to make our Orthotics. This gives us access to the very latest orthotic technology available.

We are therefore able to select the most appropriate type of device for your condition, as we are not limited to one In House technology. The laboratory technicians who fabricate our orthotics are highly trained and supported by the latest evidence based research.

Therefore you can be assured that you are receiving the best quality devices available. An orthotic device that is right for both your lifestyle and your footwear.

Orthotics For Children

Here at Foot Street Podiatry we offer a special range of orthotics for children’s growing feet.

Children’s foot orthotics may help:

  • Support flat feet and improve posture
  • Control Heel Pain/Sever’s disease.
  • Reduce growing pains
  • Treat toe walking
  • Reduce In-toeing
  • Improve hip and lower extremity Strength
  • Reduce destructive torsional forces
  • Create a straighter, more normal gait

If your child complains of foot pain, remember foot pain is never normal and it will not go away by its self.